Do you make/sell board games?

No, we sell inserts/organizers and accessories for board games. We do not make or sell any games. Game boxes and components in pictures are there to show how things fit in and look with our creations. No game components are included in any listing.

Why does my wooden insert smells like burnt wood?

The process of laser cutting results in a burnt smell when wood is cut. Sometimes items get packaged up and shipped out quickly so they do not have time to air out. The smell dissipates over time on its own. If it's bothersome you can leave the items spread out to air out for a short period to help get rid of it faster.

Why do my laser cut acrylic items smell?

Most of our acrylic laser cut items come with paper backing on them which has to be removed before use. The backing tends to hold some of the smell caused by the laser process. Once removed the smell should go away quickly. If needed, the item can be left out to air for a short period.

How long will it take my order to ship?

It depends on the item and how busy we are. Typically items will be finished and shipped out in a week. 3D printed items take us longer to make and send out due to print times. Feel free to reach out if you would like a more accurate estimate of when your item will ship.

Why do my tokens and acrylic items have paper on them?

All of our acrylic tokens come with a paper backing that has to be removed before use. This backing helps keep the tokens clean while cutting and also helps to protect the tokens during transport!

Why do some of my tokens come without paper?

We periodically do a quality check on some tokens. Sometimes you may receive some tokens that have already been peeled.

Do you have recommendations for peeling?

The paper backing should peel off fairly easily. If you are having difficulty try soaking them in warm soapy water. This helps loosen the adhesive that sticks the paper to the acrylic.

Why does the wood color/ burning vary?

The laser cutting process and natural consistency of wood determines the variation in burn color. MDF tends to be fairly consistent but does have natural variations from the trees used to create it which can result in variation of the burn color/pattern. The color of the wood is also subject to slight variations and may be slightly lighter or darker than pictured but will be similar.

Do you do custom orders?

Feel free to reach out with any details and we would be happy to look in to making a custom order for you :) We can also sell parts of inserts/accessories if you're just looking for a certain box.